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Liz Truss insists tax-cutting measures ‘right plan’ despite market turmoil

However, markets have reacted negatively to the changes, with the value of the Sterling sinking to record lows against the…

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What Vladimir Putin could gain from blowing up Nord Stream gas pipeline

What Putin could gain from blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipeline: As conspiracy theories abound, CHRIS PLEASANCE’s video explainer…

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‘We had to take decisive action’: Prime Minister Liz Truss defends mini-budget amid market turmoil

Liz Truss says her government “had to take decisive action” in order to get the economy growing. Speaking to the…

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Ex-Bank of England governor Mark Carney slams Kwasi Kwarteng’s ‘partial budget’

Former Bank of England governor Mark Carney has slammed Kwasi Kwarteng for ‘undercutting the UK’s financial institutions’ after the chancellor’s…

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‘True’ that government tax cuts benefit the wealthiest, says finance minister Chris Philp

A government minister has admitted that scrapping the top rate of income tax would benefit only the wealthy. Speaking to…

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Rapper and former Big Brother Star Coolio has died aged 59

The American rapper Coolio, known best for the 1990s hit song Gangsta’s Paradise, has died aged 59. The US rapper,…

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Coolio dead at 59: Gangsta’s Paradise rapper passes away after friend found him laying on the floor

Rapper Coolio has passed away on Wednesday at the age of 59.  The musician – famous for his hit song…

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Shocking before-and-after photos show sheer scale of the destruction wrought by Hurricane Ian

Shocking photos show the extent of devastation left by Hurricane Ian as it raged across southwest portion of the state…

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Ministers to slash BILLIONS off budgets to reassure markets that finances ARE under control

Ministers are drawing up plans for billions of pounds in spending cuts to reassure panicked markets that the public finances…

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Liz Truss’s ‘favourite’ economist says chancellor ‘took his eye off ball’ and ‘overstepped the mark’ with mini-budget

Prime Minister Liz Truss’s external adviser on the economy has told Sky News that the chancellor had “taken his eye…

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