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How to make the default area chart in Microsoft Excel more attractive

Image: 200degrees/Adobe Stock Area charts do a great job of exposing trends in Microsoft Excel data. The good news is…

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How to change page orientation in the middle of a Microsoft Word document

If you need a landscape page in the middle of a Microsoft Word document, you need to know this simple…

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How to easily manage chroot environments in Linux with Atoms

Jack Wallen shows you a GUI that takes the complication out of creating and using chroot environments on Linux. Image:…

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‘Protestware’ is on the rise, with programmers self-sabotaging their own code. Should we be worried?

In March 2022, the author of node-ipc, a software library with over a million weekly downloads, deliberately broke their code.…

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SAS Data Management review

Image: Friends Stock/Adobe Stock For users who are just getting started with SAS solutions, it can be overwhelming to learn…

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GIFs Without the .gif: The Most Performant Image and Video Options Right Now | CSS-Tricks

So you want an auto-playing looping video without sound? In popular vernacular this is the very meaning of the word…

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Common Pitfalls When Redesigning a WordPress Website

There’s more to redesigning a website than creating a new look. Within just about every site are quirks and customizations…

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Super Container OS is a great option for container deployments

Image: Christian-P. Worring/Adobe Stock Containers are all the rage and show no signs of slowing down. Most enterprise businesses are…

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How to use Pop_!OS refresh install

Jack Wallen shows you how to return Pop!_OS to a brand new installation, without losing any of your user data…

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Named Element IDs Can Be Referenced as JavaScript Globals | CSS-Tricks

Did you know that DOM elements with IDs are accessible in JavaScript as global variables? It’s one of those things…

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