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Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA replacement lacks crosswalks, checkboxes, Google

Enlarge / CAPTCHAs are meant to prevent these kinds of browsing scenarios, not train us all to better recognize vehicles…

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Amazon’s Astro robot still isn’t ready for prime time

Enlarge / A limited number of customers have had Astro in their living room. Amazon Amazon’s press-only hardware event today…

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Google Maps gets augmented reality search results

Open up live view and you can search for things (at the bottom) like Restaurants, ATMs, and shopping locations. (Next…

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Everything Amazon Announced at Its Annual Hardware Event

Amazon announced a Prime Early Access Sale earlier this week (aka Prime Day 2.0), but today, the company took the…

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Amazon’s $340 Kindle Scribe is its first e-reader with handwriting and pen support

Amazon’s Kindle Scribe is a 10.2-inch e-ink e-reader with a bundled pen and handwriting support. Amazon The pen will function…

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Eero can now extend your mesh network with Echo devices

Enlarge / The people in this room are smiling because they know that little Wi-Fi hub on the ceiling could…

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Early renders show the Galaxy S23 ditching the camera bump

Enlarge / What do you think of the individual camera lenses? Minimal? Generic? The Galaxy S23 is probably five months…

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The Best Kindles to Take Your Library Anywhere

Kindles have helpful features that you may want to take advantage of it. Long-press a word or phrase to see…

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The Best Cycling Computers

Track your mileage, keep tabs on your heart rate, or map a ride from here to eternity with these handlebar-mounted…

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This Soda Maker Is the Ultimate Sparkling Water Upgrade

There’s nothing wrong with my SodaStream, but it’s been looking a bit long in the tooth lately. It’s a Jet…

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