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Fake Accounts Are Not Your Friends!

Growth in new accounts looks great, but if fake accounts get in that mix, they are not providing the value…

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Plug Your Data Leaks: Integrating Data Loss Prevention into Your Security Stack

$4.35 million. That’s the average total cost of a data-exposing cybersecurity incident, according to the Ponemon Institute’s “Cost of a…

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Google Quashes 5 High-Severity Bugs With Chrome 106 Update

Chrome is touting beefed-up security with the release of Chrome 106, which fixes 20 existing bugs, five of them high-severity. …

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Sophisticated Covert Cyberattack Campaign Targets Military Contractors

A cyberattack campaign, potentially bent on cyber espionage, is highlighting the increasingly sophisticated nature of cyberthreats targeting defense contractors in the US…

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Fast Company CMS Hack Raises Security Questions

Fast Company, the business-news publication, has taken its website offline after cyberattackers compromised its content management system (CMS). They used…

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Container Supply Chain Attacks Cash In on Cryptojacking

Threats against cloud-native infrastructure are on the rise, particularly as attackers target cloud and container resources to power their illicit…

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Google Cloud DORA: Securing the Supply Chain Begins With Culture

Companies that focus on trusting their developers, looking beyond blame, and striving for strong cooperation tend see greater adoption of…

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Phishing Attacks Crushed Records Last Quarter, Driven by Mobile

Last quarter saw a record-shattering number of observed phishing attacks, fueled in large part by attempts to target users on…

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Launch an IT career after taking these eight courses for under $50

Get a great deal on 110 hours of IT training in these online courses focused on tech basics in the…

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The Countdown to DORA

On May 11, 2022, the European Union (EU) reached provisional agreement on the new Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Despite…

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