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Climate Justice Is Possible—Just Look Beyond Technology

Work towards those kinds of alternative futures is already happening. “No community is waiting for people to save them,” said…

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The Sustainable Future of Food Must Bring Everyone to the Table

How can we feed the world sustainably? Right now, 325 million people are acutely hungry. 35 million Americans don’t know…

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In the depths of this Idaho lake, the US Navy is testing out its submarine tech

In August, the Pike, a miniature submarine replica, surfaced in Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho. The Pike model is about…

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Newly recognised species of sloth has a head like a coconut

Maned sloths were thought to be one species but a genetic and physical analysis suggests there are actually two Life…

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Air pollution raises our risk of a stroke and its later complications

Exceeding the World Health Organization’s recommended air pollution exposure limit could substantially increase our risk of a first-time stroke Health…

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App privacy depends a lot on where you were when you downloaded it

When you download an app, you generally expect the that it is the same version that everyone else is already…

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What’s It Like to Experience a Category 5 Hurricane?

“” Homestead Air Force Base located in Miami-Dade County was all-but destroyed during 1992’s Hurricane Andrew. U.S. Air Force “You…

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Hurricane Ian Grinds toward Florida with Deadly Winds and Walls of Water

The Tampa Bay area has all the hallmarks of hurricane vulnerability: a large urban population, extensive coastal development and a…

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Experimental Zika vaccine stops the virus from replicating in mice

Pregnant mice that were vaccinated before being exposed to Zika also showed signs of a healthier pregnancy than their unvaccinated…

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The Government is Racing to Put Your Toilet Under Surveillance—For a Good Reason

A relatively new type of snooping—we will call it poop snooping—could help us all react more quickly to new coronavirus…

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