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Supreme Court to hear 2 cases with major implications for 2024

Practically, the results of the cases could open the door to even more gerrymandering by legislators around the country, and…

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The Reporters Who Proved That Journalism Is More Powerful Than Trump

But the call to rethink journalism fundamentally — to argue that many traditional notions of professionalism are invitations to timidity,…

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Watch the throne: Race for 2024’s House GOP campaign king is already on

Adding to the upward climb, the next NRCC chair may have to respond to the unpredictable whims of Donald Trump…

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Ginni Thomas to speak to House Jan. 6 committee this week, chair Thompson says

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol will speak to conservative activist Ginni Thomas, the…

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Calls grow for China and India to talk sense into Putin

“They should do it. I hope they would,” added the official, who like others interviewed for this article asked not…

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Massachusetts lawmakers ask Buttigieg to investigate DeSantis migrant flights

Court documents describe how the primarily Venezuelan migrants were approached near shelters in San Antonio, Texas, by a woman named…

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Biden administration smooths Pacific Island Summit frictions

Ahead of the summit, which began Wednesday and will continue into Thursday, that reported dissension threatened to impede administration efforts…

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DHS waives Jones Act for Puerto Rico to supply fuel after hurricane

The Department of Homeland Security’s choice to suspend the Jones Act — which typically allows only U.S.-flagged ships to transport…

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‘Rules of the game have changed’: Key Florida campaigns keep running ads during hurricane

“I think campaigns should shift to helping what will be hundreds of thousands of Floridians that will need a lot…

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Newsom reverses course and signs farmworker bill backed by Biden

Newsom made no mention of the fact that he had said he could not support the bill in its current…

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