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New outbreak under investigation; FDA ends work on another without finding source

The FDA is investigating one new outbreak and has closed an investigation on another. On Wednesday the Food and Drug…

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Food poisoning still a concern for most Europeans

Awareness of food poisoning has gone down in recent years but it remains one of the top concerns for Europeans,…

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Food safety tips for those in Hurricane Ian’s path

Hurricane Ian has made landfall and those in its path brace for the potential damage it may cause. With so…

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Drinking Two to Three Cups of Coffee Daily Linked to Longer Lifespan, Study Finds

For those who own a “Don’t Talk to Me Before I’ve Had My Coffee” mug, emerging research from the European…

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Raw milk recalled in California after testing finds Campylobacter bacteria

Raw sheep milk produced and packaged by Valley Milk Simply Bottled of Stanislaus County is the subject of a statewide…

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Rethink Was the City’s Breakout Pandemic Food Charity. Former Employees Allege Its Founder Mismanaged The Nonprofit and Made Unwanted Advances Towards Staffers.

Matt Jozwiak was going to solve hunger in America. Or at least that’s what the charismatic, 30-something former chef and…

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Post-Pandemic Workplace Risks: Three Things to Know | Cheers

Pandemic restrictions are lifting, and you’ve been ramping up your business. Customers are coming back and you are hiring staff.…

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The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Antojitos in Los Angeles

When it comes to satisfying hunger pangs throughout the day, Mexico stands out. Here, a multitude of tempting snacks called…

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Maggi Seasoning Is Best When It’s (Kind of) a Secret

Despite rice’s presence in the majority of my meals, I wouldn’t say that I often crave it. It’s more that…

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Fred Sirieix named first ever G’Vine gin UK ambassador

Picture credit: Christophe Mariot G’vine Gin has announced TV personality Fred Sirieix as their first ever UK ambassador. …

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